Call For Papers

Reflective Programming in C++ and Java

Sunday, October 18th, 1998

Workshop Description

Reflective programming is a new object-oriented programming paradigm which is today of high interest in many application fields and research areas. This approach provides a new type of indirection to optimize and add properties to application programs or to improve their flexibility. Although reflective features exist in some programming languages, many reflective versions of standard languages have emerged (OpenC++, Reflective Java, MetaJava, etc.) and are used for the development of applications and systems. This workshop aims bring together developers of practical systems using reflective programming in various domains, to share experience and requirements. What metainformation is really useful in practice and what the real difference is with respect to conventional object-oriented programming should be clarified.

Workshop Topics

The workshop topics include:


All participants are invited to submit position papers up to 5 pages. Position papers should clearly state how they relate to the workshop theme, what particular problems they address, what practical experience was conducted, why it is relevant to this workshop, and stating the author's name, affiliation, and contact. Submission must be done via e-mail (standard Postscript) to either or To enable lively and productive discussions, attendance will be limited to 25-30 people. All submissions will be formally reviewed and abstracts selected for presentation according to their relevance to the workshop.

Workshop Format

The workshop is a full day meeting with presentations selected from the submitted position papers and with a discussion session addressing important emerging issues. The selected position papers will be distributed to all participants.

Important Dates

Submission deadline : August 3rd, 1998

Notification date : August 20th, 1998

Workshop date: October 18th, 1998


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