Reflective Programming in C++ and Java

Sunday, October 18th, 1998

Workshop Description

Reflective programming is a new object-oriented programming paradigm which is today of high interest in many application fields and research areas. This approach provides a new type of indirection to optimize and add properties to application programs or to improve their flexibility. Although reflective features exist in some programming languages, many reflective versions of standard languages have emerged (OpenC++, Reflective Java, MetaJava, etc.) and are used for the development of applications and systems. This workshop aims bring together developers of practical systems using reflective programming in various domains, to share experience and requirements. What metainformation is really useful in practice and what the real difference is with respect to conventional object-oriented programming should be clarified.

Call for Papers

Submission deadline has expired.

Workshop proceedings

Jean-Charles Fabre and Shigeru Chiba Ed.
Proceedings of Workshop on Reflective Programming in C++ and Java
UTCCP Report 98-4, Center for Computational Physics, University of Tsukuba, Japan
ISSN 1344-3135, October 1998.


The room allocated for this workshop is Number 9 in the Convention Center. The capacity of this room is 40 people at most. This is strict limitations. The following is a message from the workshop chair:

Guidelines for Final Manuscript

Please send the final version of your paper in postscript to Shigeru Chiba (chiba@is.tsukuba.ac.jp).

Five pages have been allocated to both short and long presentations. All papers must be received no later than September 25th. This is a STRONG deadline. Papers received beyond this date will not be included in the workshop proceedings.

As for formatting instructions, please refer to CHI Conference Publication Format (PDF version).
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Important Dates

Camera ready deadline : September 25th, 1998 (STRICT)

Workshop date: October 18th, 1998


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